Our team takes care of carrying out the complete engineering of products, systems and processes as well as all facets encompassing health and safety. We have the necessary expertise to ensure rigorous compliance with security criteria, in order to protect both your personnel and your installations.

Our standardized products and engineered systems are designed, manufactured and tested in our factory, which guarantees a high level of performance and achieves high levels of chemical dosing precision. If you are not sure of the type of products or systems you need for your project, we also offer an engineering study service which will be carried out upstream of your project in order to determine the scope and to provide you with the technical elements necessary for its realization. The cost of the engineering study can also be applied as a credit if you decide to go ahead with carrying out the project with CON-V-AIR.

Finally, we support you not only until the start-up of your system or product, but throughout the process, we also offer complete training for your staff on start-up, maintenance and problem solving on our equipment.


We have a team for the start-up and maintenance of all our products, systems and equipment. Our dedicated team may also work with local contractors or contractors referred by our customers to complete mechanical, electrical and pneumatic installations.


For any replacement or purchase of original CON-V-AIR parts, please contact our after-sales service at the following email address:  julie.lachapelle@con-v-air.com or at 450.462.5959


Whether it’s for f our standardized products or engineered systems, we carry out the complete engineering internally as well as the manufacturing, finishing, assembly and calibration at our Sainte-Julie plant. We have developed a way of doing things that allows us to maintain control of our quality at all times and to diligently meet our deadlines, all in compliance with industry standards.

We also hold the following certifications from the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB): CSA W47.1 

RBQ: 2151-2876-21