Screw Feeder

CON-V-AIR has developed its own range of volumetric and gravimetric screw feeders for the measuring and dosing of powders and granules with very high precision. The main characteristic of our modular feeders lies in the fact that the flow rate can be modified very quickly, and this, by simply modifying the screw and the output tube.

The remarkable precision of our screw feeders is made possible thanks to a vibrator that can be adjusted both in power and in running time, which provides a very straight calibration curve. CON-V-AIR also favours the use of dispensers placed above a mixing tank. The tanks are offered in different types of materials and are designed to accommodate a mixer, a dry matter inlet, a water inlet, as well as all other instruments necessary for the specific needs of our customers.

When direct dosing of dry solid ingredients or powder in a process is required, a volumetric feeder ensures uniform, progressive and controlled flow. This type of device allows the dosing of extremely diverse dry solids, with precision and reliability: hydrated lime, quicklime, potassium permanganate, sodium silicofluoride, sodium carbonate, calcium carbonate, powdered activated carbon, etc. It is, moreover, the simplicity, the robustness and the precision of the dosage which guided the development of our volumetric dispenser.


Please use our configurator to get the complete list of equipment, options, technical specifications and 2D drawings available for this product. Once your information request has been sent, one of our specialists will contact you to review your request and answer all your questions.

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