Sales and Marketing

Frédéric Noël, ing

President of CON-V-AIR since 2000, Frédéric oversees the growth and viability of the company as well as the continuous development of the members of his team. His very many years of experience allow him to provide his clients with an in-depth knowledge of the best practices used by manufacturing companies around the world.Frédéric also completed a master's degree in mechanical engineering at Laval University and holds an MBA from HEC Montreal.

Avid sportsman, Frédéric participates in marathons, half-Ironman and aims to complete an Ironman soon. In the winter, you're sure to find him cross-country skiing alone, giving him time to clear his head and think about running the business. He admitted to us that he is not only George’s Bassen biggest fan, but is also able to accompany himself on the guitar and play Brassens's greatest hits.

Mathieu Houle, ing

Chief Revenue Officer
Mathieu has been part of the team since June 2011 and studied automated production engineering at the École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS). He is not only the father of three children, but also has a calm emerges that is legendary and he is definitely the person at CON-V-AIR who knows how to bring us back to being zen during very busy periods! Mathieu can be quite a foodie which means that he is always up for good food and trying something new. To keep himself active, he likes to run and play floor hockey.

Khalid Bitar

Commercial Engineer
Khalid has been part of the CON-V-AIR team since June 2020 as a preliminary engineering and submission manager for municipal, industrial and mining projects. His university course includes an applied bachelor's degree in environmental engineering (abroad), a master's degree in water treatment (abroad), doctoral studies (not supported - abroad), a diploma in higher study specializing in environment (UDEM) and a Master in environmental engineering (soon to be obtained - ÉTS).

Khalid takes advantage of his free time to practise his favourite sport, soccer. Undisputed fan of the ''Champions League'', the ''Liga'' Spain and the ''Premier League'' England. He also adores the beaches of northern Morocco and the magical city of Marrakech!

Administration and finances

Anne-Marie Duclos, CPA

Chief Finance Officer
Anne-Marie has been part of the team since 2012 and holds the position of Finance director. Thanks to her determination, her knowledge and her efficiency, she is an important pillar in the company. She ensures the compliance of the oversees the accounting process so that it is carried out correctly Anne-Marie completed her Bachelor of Business Administration at Laval University and continued her studies at the University of Sherbrooke to obtain her Certified Professional Accountant designation ( CPA).

She enjoys spending time with her family while enjoying life to the fullest. Among other things, she likes to go camping, you will often find her in the Eastern Townships (her favourite area!) in a tent trailer as well as cycling.

Karine fontaine

Accountant Technician

Engineering and project management

Martin Vallée, ing

Chief Operating Officierr
With CON-V-AIR since 2007, Martin graduated in mechanical engineering from the École de Technologie Supérieure (ÉTS). He notably participated in the design of most of the company's products. His eminent skill and ability to adapt to any type of situation are assets widely recognized by our customers and are an integral part of the constant growth of CON-V-AIR.

In addition to being the father of two adorable girls, Martin keeps himself all the more active and definitely has the best cardio at CON-V-AIR, running a 10 km for him is easy! You will also find him doing functional training (like Crossfit), hiking or mountain biking. He also loves travelling with his family as much as an international backpacker and is an avid fisherman, his biggest catch (a 53'' and 67 lb barracuda) on display at our offices for the most striking effect.

Alain Bernier, ing

Design Engineer
Alain joined our team in 2021 as a design engineer after completing his bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from the École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS). A great enthusiast of science fiction films and music, he told us that he particularly likes the acoustic guitar.

Alain also loves cooking and entertaining people at home. He even proclaimed himself to be the official king of the BBQ, nothing less! In addition to his talents as a chef, Alain will surprise you with his artistic side since he likes to create practical objects and artistic structures in metal with his own hands. A philosophy that he likes to live by is to always remember himself and others that we are stronger together as a team.

Andy Gilker, CPI

Project Manager
It was in 2021, after completing his bachelor's degree in biotechnology engineering at the Sherbrooke University, that Andy joined our team as a project manager. His analytical mind and his great interest in knowing the people who surround make him an outstanding college, always ready to help take on different challenges.

Andy is an enthusiast, entrepreneur and Grand Master of interactive puzzle games. We had many hours of fun and torment trying to solve his puzzles which were tested, approved and loved by the whole team. A healthy mind in a healthy body, Andy also keeps himself in shape as he regularly practises running, archery, floor and ice hockey. His philosophy of life is to be kind to one another.

Irene Brylewicz

Irene joined the CON-V-Air’s team in 2020. Over the years, she has developed expertise in various fields including sales, training, project coordination and management as well as statistical analysis. A great team player, she stands out for her positivism, her capacity to adapt and her know-how.

Irene graduated from Concordia University with a Bachelor’s degree in International Business. Family and children first! Not only does she want all the best for her own children, but she also invests a lot of her time for the children of her community. She wants to make sure they all have access to activities such as soccer to have fun, socialize, develop the passion of the game and, of course, keep fit. She is therefore volunteering for the Greenfield Park Soccer Association and is part of the administration team.

jean-françois barbeau

Engineering and
Project Management

Alexandre Leblanc, cpi

Electricity and
Alexandre started at CON-V-AIR in 2020 after completing a technical program in industrial electronics and a bachelor's degree in automated production engineering at the École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS). In addition to participating in service calls and systems start-ups, he also responds to requests relating to automation and electrical panels.

Alexandre's family owns a stable and a sugars bush, so he spends a lot of time there to give them a hand. An unusual talent, he also has his fireworks cards and enthusiastically participates in several pyrotechnic events every year. You will often find him in the Parc de la Vérendrye which is his favourite place to spend his holidays! At CON-V-AIR, Alexandre is definitely the most proactive person, with a thousand ideas to improve the way we do things!"

Gabriel latour

Mechanical Designer

Jean-François Garneau

Mechanical Designer
Jean-François joined CON-V-AIR’s team in 2018. As an experienced designer, Jean-François participates in the design of plant and equipment layouts. For several years he has carried out a wide selection of multidisciplinary and tailor-made projects, adapted to clients’ needs. Dedicated and a true team player, he is committed to sharing his experiences, and, ultimately, to the projects’ success.

Passionate about the outdoors and all kinds of sports, Jean-François is an experienced mountain hiker. It was with great pleasure and challenge that he conquered, both in summer and in winter, many of the Adirondacks’ highest peaks, in all kinds of conditions. He is particularly proud of the conquest of Mount Whiteface with his wife, on a freezing December 31st, in conditions resembling a storm.

Vincent Morello, ing

Project Engineer
Vincent has been part of the CON-V-AIR team November 2016. As a project engineer, he takes care of system design and component selection. Since completing his bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Ottawa, he has worked in the industrial equipment field. Vincent takes advantage of his free time to hike, rock climb, cross-country skiing and play beach volleyball. He wants to develop his high-level skiing skills to travel to Gaspé and Western Canada.


Mechanical Engineer
Thomas holds a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from the École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) and joined CON-V-AIR in 2021 as a mechanical engineer (CPI). Since joining us, Thomas has demonstrated his ability to be a natural and multidisciplinary leader, always willing to help the engineering team meet multiple challenges. Very active, he likes to keep in good shape and that's why in the summer you will most likely find him mountain biking or perfecting his swing on the golf course, while in the winter he will be the first to hit the slopes skiing.


Pierre-Luc Vachon

Plant Manager
After graduating with a college diploma (DEC) in mechanical engineering, Pierre-Luc joined CON-V-AIR in 2008. Like a real maestro, Pierre-Luc has the enormous task of ensuring the continuous flow of information between the plant, the project managers, the engineering and production.He must therefore ensure the operational logistics of all aspects of the manufacturing and finishing of our products and systems once in the production phase in the factory.

If he is not riding his motorbike or working out at the gym, Pierre-Luc is a great travel and nature enthusiast. His favourite places in Canada are northern Quebec, Halifax and Newfoundland, which he especially adored! A fine handyman and a rather manual guy, he even completely converted a school bus into a recreational vehicle !

Gilles Gionet

Mechanical Assembler/
Workshop Director
Gilles has been part of the CON-V-AIR team since 2009. His remarkable talent and vast experience in welding and assembly allow us to increasingly increase the manufacturing of products at our plant and to adapt them in real time to the specific needs of our customers.An outstanding handyman, he keeps our plant at a high level of cleanliness and efficiency.

Proud Acadian from New Brunswick, Gilles is a hockey enthusiast and he loves to go south to escape the extreme cold of winter. Very big fan of music, especially pop/rock, it will be the group Supertramp that will have marked him the most. Curious by nature, he likes to call himself a jack-of-all-trades and tries to understand everything around him. He also plans several mountain bike rides with his club and his wife.

Christopher Richard

Electrical mechanic
Christopher joined CON-V-AIR as an electromechanic in 2022 after completing his DEP in electromechanics. He also has several years of experience as a team leader in production and as an assembler. In addition to being the super dad of three children, Christopher is also a huge movie buff (all genres combined) and sometimes even participates in the production of short films to help his brother (who owns a production company) as much as director, editor and actor. Definitely a multi-talented man!

frrançois bernard


Jonathan Thompson

Jonathan joined CON-V-AIR in 2006 as a welder and holds a vocational diploma (DEP) in welding. Jonathan is definitely the person on our team who would have the potential to live the most off-grid, with very little technology and very deeply in nature, since this allows him to recharge his batteries, refocus and stay Zen. If he's not in the woods or fishing, Jonathan confessed to being a big fan of films from the 1990s and early 2000s. His favourite films to this day remain those of the very popular Jurassic Park series. Of a rather calm nature, he approaches life by remembering that we must try not to worry too much because what will happen will happen.

Mario Harvey


Steven Hudon

One of our veterans at CON-V-AIR, Steven has been with the company since 1995 as an industrial painter. It was here that he started his career and worked his way up to become the painter of the high calibre and detail-oriented he has become, from small thanks to huge silos, he rises to any challenge with flying colours.

You will often find it in nature, sometimes hunting in the summer and most certainly ice fishing in the winter. Steven is a priori someone who likes to take care of those around him and make sure to make them laugh as often as possible. Very big fan of rock and alternative music, his favourite group is the cult classic U2. His philosophy of life is to live and let live and to always remain open-minded.

Yannick Drapeau

Yannick has been part of our team for more than two decades, more precisely since 2000, at the very beginning as a parts clerk and now for several years as a welder. Always ready to help, you won't have to ask him twice. Yannick gladly accepts all assignments to help colleagues.

At CON-V-AIR, Yannick is without a doubt the biggest fanatic and connoisseur of microbrewery beers. Its unmissable event of the year is undoubtedly the World Beer Festival in Montreal. Yannick is also a big cinema fanatic and is known to be like a big open book, you will always have the right time with him, and as he likes to say: ''What you see is what you get! ''

Julie Lachapelle

and Logistics
Julie has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing environments in customer accounts management, project coordination and management, manufacturing operations and supply management. She joined CON-V-AIR’s team in March 2018. First as Project Manager she was then offered, thanks to her involvement, her experience and her great understanding of the company and its needs, the role of Supply and Logistics Manager. Julie stands out for her autonomy and resourcefulness and is said to be, "a specialist in gray areas."

In her spare time, she enjoys wood working, undertaking renovation and landscaping projects. She has a particular interest in ancestral homes. To relax, she devours books and ... why not with a good glass of wine.

philippe rodier

Service Director

Clovis Ritchie

Designer Draftsman
After completing his diploma of professional studies (DEP) in building design, Clovis joined us in 2018 as a designer draftsman in steel fabrication. Clovis is continually seeking to improve and develop new ways of doing things by facilitating the reading of the plans at the level of the manufacturing workshop.

Clovis imposes by his presence and his strength. He admitted to us that he can lift the weight of a car with his legs, but make no mistake, he is also incredibly gentle and calm. If he's not camping in the wilderness, you'll probably find him playing computer games such as Lost Ark or Project Zomboid, defending his team in airsoft or travelling in a fantastic universe with his group of Dungeons and Dragons. A big fan of rock music, his best memory remains the Kiss show in 2010 on the Plaines o'Abraham in Quebec city.

Daniel Picard

Machinists by training and with CON-V-AIR since 2006 as quality manager. Daniel occupies a multifaceted position which allows him to demonstrate his great versatility and to wear several hats at the same time, going from a welder to assembler by ensuring the smooth execution of projects in the factory. Daniel admitted to us that he has a hidden talent and that he has been a fairly good base player since 1982. His interest in music is also distinguished by the fact that he considers himself a true fanatic of musical instruments in general.Very big fan of rock and alternative music, his favourite group is U2 and his most beautiful show in life is that of Kiss in Montreal in 1979, an undeniable classic!

Gilberte Macier


Robert Sauriol

Welder Assembler
Holding a diploma of vocational studies (DEP) in welding, Robert has been part of our team since 2009 as a welder assembler. Before joining CON-V-AIR, Robert worked as a mechanic, but also for several years in an art gallery. One of his greatest passions is definitely cabinetmaking since he is nothing less than a woodturner! In his spare time, he loves designing, making and restoring practical items (bowls, utensils, tools), furniture and wooden toys for his family and those around him. Quiet by nature and above all very patient, Robert is the man who knows how to calm those around him when the pressure mounts.

Vincent Martel

Welder Assembler
Vincent began his career as a welder assembler at our plant immediately after obtaining his professional studies diploma (DEP) in welding assembly in 2007. He is a real film fanatic, especially science fiction and superhero movies from the Marvel and DC Comics’ universes, Ironman remaining his favourite choice.

If he's not expanding his film collection, you'll most likely find him at a Death Metal show, Archspire being one of his favourite bands. Hidden talent in singing, it seems that Vincent is renowned for having one of the best voices at CON-V-AIR, we are still waiting for a private concert! His philosophy of life is to not worry about anything, to live from day to day and above all to give importance to the little things.

Daniel Carriere

Manufacturing supervisor

Sylvain Gagnon


Serge Pouliot


sylvain berthelot


antonin sinotte