Dry Polymer System

CON-V-AIR designs and manufactures a fully automatic polymer preparation unit that is second to none. The heart of the system uses two key times proven components: a screw feeder and a wetting cone to ensure the most efficient polymer mixing there is.

The polymer preparation and feeding system wets and activate the dry polymer. The dry bulk polymer is then introduced into the system via a suction wand that is connected to a powerful vacuum loader, allowing the polymer to be transferred into a storage hopper. This hopper feeds an accurate volumetric screw feeder that ensures a constant feed of polymers to the wetting cone, thus guaranteeing a steady solution concentration. The wetting cone design ensures optimal water/polymer contact with minimal water feed. The polymer solution obtained is then sent to a conditioning tank followed by a polymer feed tank.

As the dry polymer pick-up line operates under vacuum, dust emission is eliminated which translates to a cleaner, safer work environment. The powdered polymer being pneumatically transferred, there is no need to carry or handle heavy loads which makes this system even safer.



Please use our configurator to get the complete list of equipment, options, technical specifications and 2D drawings available for this product. Once your information request has been sent, one of our specialists will contact you to review your request and answer all your questions.

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