Direct Injection System

The CON-V-AIR direct injection system is used to dose chemicals from solid bulk continuously, directly at the application points, without requiring a mixing tank. This system in the water treatment sector and the products that are typically used are powdered activated carbon (CAP/PAC), magnesium oxide (MgO), sodium carbonate (Soda Ash), dry polymers and several others.

This operation requires a constant flow rate and pressure from the service water line provided by the factory and the concentration of the solution at the outlet of the hydroejector is variable according to the speed of rotation of the metering screw. This completely autonomous system will be able, with the help of its PLC, to communicate with the controls of the plant which will simply request a quantity of chemicals and the system will adjust automatically and without delay. All the electrical components of the device will be pre-wired and the dosing system is factory tested before shipment.



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