Storage silo

CON-V-AIR storage silos are designed to optimize storage capacities while minimizing the floor space required. Our silos can also be delivered with a wide choice of configurations (welded, bolted, volumetric, gravimetric, isolated, etc.) and optional equipment such as a dust collector, pressure indicator or one of our various product fluidization systems. We also offer the possibility of adding complete process systems under the skirt. These system silos are delivered completely assembled and tested beforehand by our internal team.

The construction of our silos is done in the factory, according to our specifications and in such a way as to minimize the installation time on site. Our silos are welded inside and out to achieve optimal sealing. The slope of the cone is such that even the stickiest and most difficult to extract products can be handled easily and quickly.

The standard equipment included in our storage silo are :

  • 3/16″ minimum thickness carbon steel construction fully welded inside and out
  • Epoxy paint with a lifespan of 25 years
  • Truck hose connection system including a visual and audible alarm to warn at the end of filling
  • A safety valve operating in pressure and vacuum
  • A 24″ watertight access door on top of the silo
  • A filter cartridge filtration system mounted outside the silo allowing optimal use of the tank. Automated cartridge cleaning by pulsed air
  • High-level detection system for stopping filling
  • A 60-degree silo cone
  • A bridging system adapted to your product
  • Guardrails and access required
  • 4″ diameter filling line, 40 schedule, 4″ Camlock connector, 20 tons/hour filling capacity, 120 V filling detector
  • Control panel: 120 V, strobe, 110 dB alarm
  • 120V silo vent, 250 sq. ft. area < 5 mg/Nm³ outlets, operating temperatures -30°C to +40°C
  • 120 V-level detector



Please use our configurator to get the complete list of equipment, options, technical specifications and 2D drawings available for this product. Once your information request has been sent, one of our specialists will contact you to review your request and answer all your questions.

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