Bulk Bag Unloader

Our Bulk Bag Unloading station allows continuous unloading of bags with a volume of 500 kg to 1500 kg (1000 lbs to 3500 lbs), reducing operator contact with the products being handled and eliminating any high load handling. Our stations are built tough and durable and come in two main variants, one that incorporates a manual or electric hoist and trolley lifting mechanism, and a second option that allows the use of a forklift to position the bag.

Our Bulk Bag stations are often paired with our screw feeders for powder dosing or with our solutionizing and liquid dosing system. They are also equipped with a vibrating access hopper which allows connection with the unloading of the flexible container and your process equipment, it offers all the features you would expect to find on such a device , it is also equipped with a vibrator or impactor. The action of these flow activators allows optimal fluidity in the critical transition zone between the storage part (upper part) and the process (lower part). This optimized fluidization ensures a continuous and constant feed to the process.


Please use our configurator to get the complete list of equipment, options, technical specifications and 2D drawings available for this product. Once your information request has been sent, one of our specialists will contact you to review your request and answer all your questions.

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